Counter Protection

Cough and sneeze guard. Covers the face and body.Transparent plastic pannel. Unbreakable. Freestanding. Portable. Non invasive. To install on a counter or flat surface. Protective screen. 1/4 inch thick. 7 x 4 in opening at the bottom. No assembly required. 3 sizes available. For panel maintenance, it is recommended to use a water and dish soap solution. The use of alcohol-based products should be avoided as they may damage the surface of the panels. * PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT THE PRODUCT IS DELIVERED WITH A BLUE PROTECTIVE FILM ON EACH SIDE THAT MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE INSTALLING * 
Code Option Price  
21 x 32 in $109.94 ea Available
Code Option Price  
23,75 x 34 in $127.94 ea Available
30 x 34 in $213.94 ea Available